Echizen crab

Japanese people are most likely to imagine the crab when we hear the word Echizen. Male snow crab, better known as "Echizen Crab" is also known as "Matsuba Crab" in the San-in (Tottori/Shimane/Northern Hyogo Prefecture) area. Each area, believing that they have the best crab, has their own original names for crabs caught in their area. There is a whole set of other names for queen crabs (female crabs), such as "koubaku gani" in Kaga area (Ishikawa Prefecture), and "seiko gani" in San-in and Fukui areas. Although seiko gani is half the size of Echizen crab, it is a delicacy because of the amount of miso (entrails of crab are a delicacy in Japan) in it.
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