Ise Manzai

Manzai is a street corner-style art in which the performer stands at the entry gate of a house on New Year's Day to offer congratulations and good wishes for the health, safety, and the prosperity of the household. The team of Tayu and Saizo provokes gales of gestures interspersed with performances on the shamisen, kokyu (Chinese fiddle), and taiko drum. lse Manzai is said to have become popular when the Yamato manzai that originated in present-day Nara Prefecture became the Senzu manzai of the old capital and was taken to Mikawa and Owari (Aichi Prefecture). It was widely known throughout the Kinki region. Today, one group of manzai artists preserves these seldom-seen traditional arts in a kadozuke, or street corner-style performance, its members perform many titles, including Hokkekyo Manzai, Karasuzukushi, and Chushingura. Though the manzai arts of individual regions have died out, this group is still active and well known locally.
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