Matsusaka beef

Matsuzaka beef is known to be a bright red meat with white fatty parts (called sashi). It is almost a form of art, so intricate that it looks like marbled pattern - (shimofuri). Its extremely tender texture is the best of its kind. However, it was only in the early 1960's that Matsuzaka beef became widely known. It is a combination of efforts by the owners of the specially bred Tajima cow (northern Hyogo Prefecture), and the meat processors. The standards maintained for Matsuzaka beef are very high. The cow is raised in a quiet, serene area surrounding Matsuzaka, with the Kumozu River to the north and Miya Gawa River to the south. It must be from a good breed, and in must not be bred. It will live quietly for two to three years and treated with utmost care. It is said that if the cow has calves, then the sashi, the fatty parts, do not retain the characteristic patterns. For the best feeding methods, each farm has a different approach, such as including beer in the diet. The key lies in the feed. The beef is sold in specialty shops in the city of Matsuzaka, with the finest cuts costing the most, but some of the meat available at more affordable cost.
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