Nare zushi

As with funa-zushi (crucian carp sushi) of Shiga Prefecture, the source of nigiri-zushi is said to be found here. Nigiri-zushi, includes rice with fish wrapped in bamboo or banana plant leaf and fermented over time. Various types of fish are used for this sushi, including yellowfin horse mackerel, barracuda, Japanese Spanish mackerel, cutlass, pike, and sweet-fish, but the most common fish used is chub mackerel. Although the funa-zushi of Shiga, using Omi rice, is served after the rice is washed off, the nare-zushi of Wakayama is prepared and served together with rice. This is due to the fact that rice harvest in Kinan is a scarce and important part of people's lives. Although this nare-zushi was a necessity during festive times, its time consuming fermentation process and pungent odor gave rise to its other name, kusare-zushi (smelly sushi). In recent years, cooks have begun to prepare the fish in vinegar, then combined with vinegared rice and allowed to sit overnight, making it a "hayanare-suzhi, (quick nare-zushi) and enjoyed by people for lunch and snacks.
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