Osaka Shishi

Osaka zushi has a preparation method where sushimeshi (rice seasoned with vinegar, sugar, and mirin) is put in a wooden box, and pressured into shape.
Sea bream, shrimp, conger eel, shiitake mushroom, kikurage (Jew's ear) and thinly sliced egg is all squeezed into this type of shushi, bringing out a distinct rich flavor when served together.
Osaka zushi is different in that preparation skill and flavor are focused more than in the nigiri-zushi (literally translated as squeezed sushi, as it comes from the squeezing and shaping the seasoned rice into oblong shape), where the freshness of neta (topping) holds the key.
In Osaka zushi, the finishing taste is dependent on the sushimeshi.
Until the 1960's, most sushi shops made Osaka zushi, but the number of Osaka zushi shops saw a dramtic decrease, as Edomae sushi (nigiri zushi) was easier to prepare and could be sold at market prices instead of the fixed price of Osaka zushi.
Today, there are only a few restaurants that have Osaka zushi as their main attranction.
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