what's KANSAI?

KANSAI, a cultural center since ancient times

With a history and culture stretching back more than 1,000 years, plus some of the world's most advanced and innovative industries and technologies, KANSAI offers an unparalleled experience of "the real Japan".
KANSAI is home to about 60% of Japan's national treasures, tangible and intangible important cultural properties such as arts, crafts and architecture, and about 50% of the nation's World Cultural Heritage.

For beginner


For those who are visiting Kansai for the first time. Try Famous sights, food, experience in the are of Kyoto and Osaka.


For intermediate


For those who visited Kansai several times. Experience a new Kansai in a little away from Kyoto and Osaka.


For advanced


For those who have been visiting Kansai many times. Discover your own Kansai in a place that even Japanese people are not well-known.