Let's use Public Transportation to Explore Kansai

Learn More and Find
the Depth of the Kansai region!


The Kansai area, former capital of Japan, offers a variety of profound charms that even many Japanese are not aware of! This website introduces recommended tour routes for you to enjoy the depth and splendor of Kansai, with the use of public transportation.

  • [Plan A: two-day trip]
    Encounters with animals in Wakayama!

  • [Plan B: one-day trip ]
    Explore Historic Architecture in Shiga!

  • [Plan C: two-day trip]
    Enjoy Nara's Famous Temples!

  • [Plan D: two-day trip]
    Explore the Stunning Scenery of North Kansai by Train

  • [Plan E: one-day trip]
    Enjoy your last day before departure in Himeji and Awaji!

Travel around Kansai, "the Flower of Japan", conveniently with special benefits by using just an IC card and a smartphone!

Available only for foreign visitors to Japan. The KANSAI ONE PASS allows travelers to get on Kansai area's major transportation without buying tickets. Please visit the KANSAI ONE PASS website using your smartphone, and find out how to receive special benefits by showing the pass at sightseeing spots!

Comes with a Kansai Area Railway Map!

Comes with a Kansai Area Railway Map!

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