An authentic Japan experience on a farm near Biwako, Japan’s largest lake - BSC Tour du Lac Biwa

Come and bask in the beauty of Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake, while experiencing a traditional Japanese farming life. Terraced rice fields and quaint farmhouses and the wide expanse of the lake provide an exotic backdrop to a smorgasboard of culinary and cultural adventures. Savour the local delicacy of pungent funazushi and wash it down with a swig of locally brewed sake before heading out to try your hand at making rice cakes, picking and rolling tea leaves, dyeing with vegetables and braiding straw rope before finishing your rural experience by observing a roof-tile workshop. You’re guaranteed to feel like a real local by the end of the day! These hands-on tours are offered in English, catering for small groups or private individuals.

[Examples of cross-cultural activity programs]
+ Cycling around Takashima, observing rice terraces
+ Visiting a local farm and making rice cake
+ Sightseeing on an electric bike and making lunch
+ Observing onigawara and hiwadabuki workshops

Shiga prefecture
City / town
Otsu-shi, Minamifunaji
5 minutes walk from JR Kosei-Line Horai Station
BSC International, Tour du lac office
Methods of reservation
Reservation by telephone or online; Minimum number of 2 adults apply. Reservation required two days before.
Methods of cancelation
Cancelation by telephone or email
Conditions of resservation and cancelation
Cancelation fees apply from 10 days prior to the day of visit