Osaka-jo Castle Area

The Osaka-jo Castle area is located in the center of the city and offers visitors a fascinating insight into the history of Osaka.

Osaka-jo Castle Park

The inner citadel of Osaka-jo castle contains not only the existing castle keep (reconstructed in 1931), Kishu Palace Garden (a kaiyu strolling-style garden) and carved stone plaza, but also 13 structures that are protected as Japanese Important Cultural Properties, including the Otemon Gate, the Tamon Yagura Turret and the gunpowder storehouse. The whole area is designated the "Osaka-jo Castle Ruins Special Historical Site" and affords the visitor a fascinating insight into the castle's history.

In addition to the castle itself, there is a lusciously green city park featuring the Nishinomaru Garden, well known as a place for cherry blossom viewing, and a plum grove packed with beautifully colored flowers in the spring. It is a site where you can feel close to nature even in the midst of the urban sprawl.

In commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the summer campaign of the Siege of Osaka, the original stone walls of the castle, long since lost deep underground, are being re-dug in a public project. If successful, the park will offer visitors the chance to get a feel for this period of dynamic Japanese history by being able to compare firsthand the re-dug castle walls of Hideyoshi Toyotomi's "castle unmatched in 3 countries" with the current, albeit replica "best stone-walled castle in Japan" as rebuilt by the Tokugawa Shogunate.


Photogenic experiences

In the main keep you can pose for photos wearing a replica of Hideyoshi Toyotomi's armor, helmet and battle surcoat, and during New Year celebrations, you can also try a footbath and traditional sake.

Morning exercise

Osaka-jo Castle Park is very popular with all manner of dog walkers, joggers, cyclists and fitness lovers. It is also a great place to witness scores of elderly locals doing their daily "rajio taiso" (radio broadcast workouts). Get up early and join in, or watch sometimes up to as many as 500 people perform their daily workouts in the inner bailey. It is a sight to behold.



    Osaka-jo Castle Cherry Blossom Festival

    Osaka-jo Castle Park


    Osaka-jo Castle Tower Opening Hours Extension in Golden Week

    Osaka-jo Castle Tower


    Tenjin Matsuri

    Osaka Tenmangu Shrine


    Osaka-jo Castle Park Plum Groves

    Osaka-jo Castle Park


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From Kansai International Airport

50 minor 1 hror 1 hr

From JR Osaka Station

10 minor 20 min

From JR Osakajokoen Station

  • 1.Osaka-jo Castle Park

    10 min

  • 2.Osaka-jo Castle

    15 min

  • 3.Osaka Castle-jo Plum Grove

    12 min

  • 4.Nishinomaru Garden

    20 min

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