Rokko, Arimaand Kitano Areas

Kobe is a port town sandwiched between Mt. Rokko and the ocean. The city soon gives way to the slopes of the mountain, where you can find the historical Kitano district – home to Kobe's first foreign merchants and some classic examples of western period architecture. The mountain itself affords spectacular views across the bay and just over the other side is Arima Onsen – one of the three oldest hot springs in Japan.

Mt. Rokko's "10 Million Dollar Night View"

Make your way to the top of Mt. Rokko and enjoy a spectacular view that extends from Kobe towards the Osaka Bay area. It's an impressive sight anytime of the day, but best known as a romantic night spot and nicknamed the "10 Million Dollar Night View." Access Rokko Mountain itself from either Arima Onsen (hot springs) or Kobe City via a combination of bus and cable car (between Kobe and Rokko) or ropeway (between Arima and Rokko).
The view on the way up/down is well worth the effort. Once on top of the mountain, there are a number of things to explore, including an Alpine Botanical Garden, observation deck and Rokko Garden Terrace, where you can grab a bite of lunch and take in the 10 Million Dollar view for yourself.

Arima Onsen (Hot Springs)

A charming village only 30 minutes from the heart of Kobe, Arima Onsen is one of Japan's oldest hot spring towns, with over 1,300 years of history. Emperors, revered monks and daimyos have been visiting Arima since the 6th century, seeking rejuvenation in its famed mineral springs. For today's visitors, the most popular activity is still to enjoy a soak in the numerous hot spring baths dotted across town including the Kin no Yu (Golden spring) and Gin no Yu (Silver spring) baths and to explore its quaint, though often crowded backstreets.


Since opening up its port to foreign traders in the late 19th century, Kobe attracted wealthy foreign settlers that made their home in the Kitano district.
They constructed European style homes and adopted an ex-pat lifestyle that exists to this day. Kitano is a wonderful place to explore on foot with its international vibe, hipster coffee shops and jazz bars.


Pick up a bargain

In Arima, make sure you visit the tourist information office to pick up the Kobe Welcome Coupon brochure, which contains excellent discounts for many of Arima's services.

Nostalgic toys

Directly opposite Kin no Yu, the Arima Toys & Automata Museum (9:30am–6pm, ¥500, up to 50% discount with coupon) is a wonderland of European wooden toys that kids will love.



    Kobe Festival

    Throughout Kobe City


    Minato Kobe Fireworks Festival

    Meriken Park

  • FALL

    Arima Great Tea Ceremony

    Arima Onsen


    Kitano Ijinkan Illuminations



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From Kansai International Airport

1 hr 20 minor 1 hr 5 min1 hr 20 min

From JR Osaka Station

20 minor 45 min

From JR Sannomiya Station

  • 1.Mt. Rokko

    40 min

  • 2.Arima Onsen

    30 min

  • 3.Kitano

    5 minor 10 min

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