Naruto and Tokushima Area

The Whirlpools of Naruto that form naturally in the Naruto Strait are said to be some of the fastest in Japan and also comprise one of the three largest tidal currents in the world. Observing the whirlpools from the Onaruto Bridge or from a special sightseeing boat is popular among tourists.
Tokushima's greatest attraction however is the Awa Odori (Awa Dance) Festival, held every August for the past 400 years. Awa Dance is famous worldwide and can be placed Alongside the Rio Carnival as one of the largest dance events in the world. The streets of Tokushima City, the focal point of the festival, turn into a giant dance floor.

Temple 1 of the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage – Ryozenji Temple

The Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage is under petition to become a World Heritage Site and Ryozenji Temple is the first temple of this pilgrimage. Tokushima is home to the first 23 temples and the 66th temple of the pilgrimage. The "Pilgrimage Experience Program" where visitors can participate in a walk to the first few temples is very popular.

The Whirlpools of Naruto

The Naruto Strait, between the city of Naruto and Awaji Island, is where the Seto Inland Sea meets the Kii Channel. The difference in height between the ebb and flow of the tides and the speed of the currents form some of the world's greatest whirlpools. You can see the whirlpools from above via the Uzu-no-Michi walkway located under the Onaruto Bridge or up close via the sightseeing boats.

Awa Odori Kaikan Hall

During August 12–15, there will be Awa Odori (Awa Dance) Festivals going on throughout the prefecture, but you can see the Awa Dance all year round at the Awa Odori Kaikan Hall. At the hall, not only will you have the chance to see the dance but you will also be given a chance to participate.


Wonder Naruto

To get the best view of the whirlpools, take a ride on the "Wonder Naruto" boat where you can enjoy a full view of the raging currents from its upper first-class deck for an additional charge. For the biggest whirlpools, visit during spring, when the tides are at their largest. During spring, whirlpools of up to 20 meters in diameter will form.



    Funakubo Rhododendrons in bloom

    Funakubo Azalea Park


    Naruto Sunflower Festival

    Naruto Uchinoumi Park and Others


    Awa Odori (Awa Dance)

    Throughout Tokushima


    First Sunrise of the Year

    Uzu-no-Michi Walkway


  • Train or Subway
  • Boat or Ferry
  • Walk
  • Car or Taxi
  • Bus

From Kansai International Airport

2 hr 45 minor 2 hr 45 min

From JR Osaka Station

2 hr 30 minor 2 hr 15 min

From JR Tokushima Station

  • 1.Ryozenji Temple

    30 minor 27 min> Bando Sta. > 9 min

  • 2.Uzu-no-Michi

    1hr 20min> Naruto Koen Bus stop > 5 min

  • 3.Awa Odori Kaikan Hall

    10 min

※Travel times are provided as a guide only. Actual travel times may differ.