Toyooka Area

Toyooka is located in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture and is the main city in the area and the biggest city in terms of surface area in the prefecture. It's known as the last remaining wild Oriental White Stork (Konotori) habitat in Japan and at the forefront of projects to protect, breed and reintroduce these endangered birds back into their natural habitat. As well as storks, it's home to many sightseeing and leisure spots including the Takenohama Swimming Beach, the Kannabe Plateau Camping Grounds, skiing areas and the famous Kinosaki Onsen (hot springs). It's also known as an area that produces bags.

Kinosaki Onsen (Hot Springs)

Well loved since ancient times by artists and writers, these are the most famous hot springs in the Kansai area. It has seven open air baths, each with their own histories and origins.

Genbu Cave

A geological heritage site formed by the solidification of lava that flowed from volcanic activity that took place approximately 1.6 million years ago.
The hexagonal basalt rock that looks like clusters of pillars is a geographical feature of this site that makes for some impressive natural art. You can see five caves that have names associated with the four Chinese gods including Byakko and Seiryu.

Oriental White Stork Park

The first facility of its kind devoted to increasing the number of wild storks in Japan and offering a chance to observe storks in their natural habitat.

Izushi-jo Castle Town

Standing among the quiet mountains, Izushi, known for its history and sara soba noodles, is a castle town with a historic atmosphere that is mentioned in the ancient "Kojiki" and "Nihon Shoki" books.


Local brews

Be sure to check out Gubigabu in Kinosaki and sample one of the four local craft beers on tap. Their Tajima Beef hamburgers are also highly recommended.

Retro fun

Along the backstreets of Kinosaki you can find some wonderfully retro shooting galleries (the cork variety) where you can try your hand at shooting boxes of candies off little shelves at point blank range. The assortment of pinball and other mechanical games are a wonderful way to kill a few hours before the giant dinner feast awaiting you in your ryokan.



    Nighttime Cherry Blossoms

    Kinosaki Onsen, Kiyamachi Street


    Summer Fairytale Dream Fireworks

    Kinosaki Onsen

  • FALL

    Dodan-tsutsuji Fall Leaves

    Tajima Ankokuji Temple


    Toyooka Tsuiyama Port Crab Festival

    Oshima Quay near Tsuiyama Port


  • Train or Subway
  • Boat or Ferry
  • Walk
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  • Bus

From Kansai International Airport

3 hr 35 minor 3 hr 20 min

From JR Osaka Station

2 hr 35 minor 2 hr 40 min

From JR Toyooka Station

  • 1.Kinosaki Onsen

    15 minor 11 min> Kinosakionsen Sta. > 1 min

  • 2.Genbu Cave

    10 minor 11 min> Kinosakionsen Sta. > 5 min

  • 3.Oriental White Stork Park

    10 minor 15 min> Konotori no Sato Koen Bus stop > 1 min

  • 4.Izushi-jo Castle Town

    25 minor 30 min> Izushi Bus stop > 5 min

※Travel times are provided as a guide only. Actual travel times may differ.